Best Friends | San Francisco

These cute best friends contacted me to document their annual friendiversary. Since moving to opposite coasts, they've made a point to meet up in a different city every year to have fun and celebrate their friendship. Anna is an amazing photographer and retoucher herself, so I was honored/nervous that she chose me to hang out with them for a few hours and document the friendship between these gorgeous ladies.

We met up at their hotel which was a few blocks from Union Square. The streets were exceptionally busy as we were a few hours shy of the famous Chinese New Year parade start. I was able to get a few shots of the city with clear streets, closed for the parade. We grabbed some tea (it was really windy and chilly of course!) and headed to a Maiden Lane, a cute walking only street with luxury shops like Chanel and Louboutin, and strung with cafe lights and red tables. If you're ever looking for a picture perfect fashion blogger location, this is the place. 

     Next we made the very slow and difficult trek to Jones, a super cute rooftop bar a few blocks up the hill from Union Square. This sounds easier than it was. Half of the streets were blocked off or closed and they were all flooded with people crammed in shoulder to shoulder. But we made it and quickly fixed our morale with a few drinks. 

    The shots I got of these lovely ladies are a mix of digital and 35mm Ilford film (the more dreamy shots).  Hope I get to see these two again soon, we had a blast!