Kayla Schmah
Kayla Schmah
East Bay • San Francisco • Lamorinda

photos of me courtesy of my lovely friend Billie Woods. 

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         I have always been interested in telling a story. Whether in my previous career as a film composer or now being a photographer, crafting a story has been my constant art-form. I grew up on an tiny island of many artists in western Canada, and my youth was spent performing in theaters and bands, playing in bands, hanging on film sets in Vancouver and making short films at summer film school.

        I wanted to put my love of film and music together, so I moved to Boston to earn my BA in film music composition from Berklee College of Music.  After graduation, I landed in Hollywood and began working as a composer and orchestrator on films and television. I had some fantastic experiences like recording 100-piece orchestras on the stages of the biggest studios, fun nights at premieres and bizarre celebrity run-ins. We still hear my husband's music on TV from time to time. My life looks a little different now - my husband left film music to become a lawyer, and I became a mother of two awesome boys. 

        As my kids have grown and my husband changed jobs, (which landed us in the San Francisco area), I fell back in love with the camera. I started slow, telling the stories of my family and friends, studying technique, then moved on to a food blog where I really learned to style, photograph and present my work. Being ever a story-lover, I have now evolved to focus more on portraits, and capturing the products, stories and style of companies. 




If you're interested in my previous life in music, you can check me out on Soundcloud and IMDB!